The team seeks to:

  • More accurately and precisely measure flows throughout the solar convection zone: differential rotation, meridional circulation, and other large-scale flows, as well as their spatial and temporal variations.
  • Investigate the interior physical conditions that are associated with emergences of large active regions and active nests.
  • Better map dynamics and structures at the tachocline.

The Team has extensive expertise working with SOHO/MDI, GONG, and SDO/HMI observations and has extensive technical skills in global, ring-diagram, and time-distance helioseismic analysis methods. In addition to achieving the COFFIES scientific goals, they also compare results from different techniques and solve discrepancies arising from different methods.

Initial activities include:

  • Reconcile flow results from different helioseismic techniques.
  • Improve inversions of differential rotation.
  • Characterize the thermal structure at and near the tachocline.
  • Understand and remove the center-to-limb effect that complicates meridional circulation measurements.

Team Members

The following people are currently on the Helioseismology Team: