The COFFIES Code & Data Portal is being established as a hub for all COFFIES-relevant and -produced data, code, models, and modeling results.

The Portal is being set up as a Trello board, designed to be flexible and responsive. Trello lists are being used to organize and categorize the content, e.g. by Theme. Cards in each list will host a complete catalog regarding a particular data set. This will include attached publications, comprehensive descriptions of the data – time series, cadence, resolution, etc. as applicable – and links to relevant models, code repositories and stored data or commands to retrieve specific data from, e.g., JSOC. Responsible COFFIES members will be assigned to cards containing data/code they own as point of contact. Users can ask questions regarding specific data sets on the relevant cards or “watch” certain cards for updates.

Access the COFFIES Data Portal HERE.

COFFIES Data Portal

The CET has formulated guidance for COFFIES members on how to add to and use the Portal. The entire scientific community is welcome to use the COFFIES Data Portal (although only COFFIES members can edit).