Savannah Perez-Piel (UC Berkeley) is a junior specialist at the Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL).

While an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, she served as Research Director and a mentor for ULAB, a resource for underserved students to participate in research on campus. As an undergraduate research assistant at SSL, she joined the FOXSI (Focusing Optics X-ray Solar Imager) team to characterize detector assemblies.

Currently, she works as the Timepix3 detector lead for FOXSI-4, an upcoming sounding rocket. At COFFIES, she is a member of the Helioseismology and Education/Outreach Teams, as well as a member of the CET, and assists in designing the REU program for COFFIES.

Although her research interests include local helioseismology, instrumentation for solar physics, and investigations into submerged sources of acoustic power, she is an avid cat-rescuer. You can find her taking care of her many foster cats or doing TNR work in her free time.