Dr. Jackiewicz is a researcher in the field of solar and stellar physics. He studies helioseismology, which involves using solar surface oscillations (sunquakes) to probe the Sun and determine its internal structure and dynamics. His work employs a combination of high-resolution observations, local helioseismology techniques, large-scale numerical simulations, and quantitative analysis of synoptic maps of subsurface solar properties. His primary goals are to address the root causes of solar magnetic activity and quantitatively establish physical relationships between subsurface properties and the magnetic activity observed in the solar chromosphere and corona. He is currently studying the meridional flows in the solar convection zone.

He also works in stellar seismology (asteroseismology) to understand theories of stellar structure and evolution.

Finally, he is helping lead a project to measure oscillations on Jupiter with a newly constructed Doppler imager that is installed on the Dunn Solar Telescope.