CET Goals and Objectives:

  • The CET will report directly to and advise the COFFIES Executive Leadership.
  • CET members will focus on finding and exploring novel ways to align and direct the Science Teams with the goal of enabling breakthrough science.
  • The CET will provide structural support (such as maintaining ongoing transparent communications between all COFFIES members) to reduce ambiguity and provide stability.
  • The CET will work with COFFIES team leads to facilitate COFFIES-wide collaboration, knowledge integration, goal alignment, and task interdependence.
  • The CET will organize activities to promote engagement with the broader scientific community (e.g. hosting special sessions at professional meetings).
  • The CET will facilitate growth of the COFFIES Center and onboarding of new members.
  • The CET will work with the Diversity & Inclusion Team to help implement diversity & inclusion training and tools for all COFFIES members.
  • The CET will work with the Education & Outreach Team to help organize COFFIES’ academic opportunities, professional development activities, and public engagement events.

All baristas are expected to participate in CET goals and initiatives.

Team Members

The following people are currently on the COFFIES Effectiveness Team: