Science Goals:

Milestones for Science Theme breakthroughs absolutely require collaborative efforts of our discipline-based Science Teams. Members provide the expertise and tools to:

  • Advance detailed 3D physical models of turbulent processes in the deep interior. (Convection)
  • Explain how the Sun and stars generate quasi-periodic magnetic activity cycles. (Dynamo)
  • Develop robust helioseismic techniques to confidently resolve solar interior flows. (Helioseismology)
  • Establish physical links between flow, fields, and evolving near-surface observations. (Surface Links)
  • Facilitate coupling of local models, global simulations, and measurements to better simulate the Sun’s entire convection zone. (Model Integration)

Impact Broadening Goals:

  • COFFIES will stimulate vital research regarding the nature and impacts of stellar activity cycles in the space-weather, heliophysics, planetary, and astrophysics communities.
  • The Center will energize STEM students and communicate the excitement of COFFIES and Heliophysics science to the public.
  • COFFIES will have an enduring impact beyond the heliophysics community by advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility and by mentoring students, Postdocs, and early career scientists.