I am currently an undergrad majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Data Science. I am working with Dan Zevin on the COFFIES ASSURE REU program! I’ve been heavily involved in the Aerospace industry for about little over a year. Growing up, I was always interested in space sciences, so I’m excited and thankful that I am able to continue my journey and further my knowledge with COFFIES. Additionally, some things I enjoy doing in my free time include dance, listening to music, exercising, and photography!

I am a highly motivated individual with a passion for the cognitive science field and its application in the aerospace industry. Over the past year, I’ve been very dedicated and interested in furthering my knowledge and experience within the space realm. Some of my experiences include:

  • Participating in the L’SPACE Academy as a: Project Manager, Chief Scientist, Outreach Officer + Coordinator, Business Administrator Officer, and Lead Biologist
  • Serving as the Partnerships Liaison for Project Iris
  • Working as the COO (Chief Operations Officer) for NewSpace @ Berkeley (UC Berkeley Organization) and leading the Fellowship Program as the Fellowship Coordinator
  • Being a part of STAC (Space Technologies at Cal - UC Berkeley Club) as an Executive External Officer and the Biology Lead of the AI Rover team

Additionally, I work as a research apprentice on the MAVEN + SWEAP satellites. I assist in the operations of the Solar Probe SWEAP instruments and the MAVEN PF instruments, including spacecraft coordination, science data pipeline and processing, instrument health and safety, and Python data reduction + visualization software. I utilize the Python Data Tool Set to check the instrument configurations and status regularly, perform trending analysis, and work with instrument scientists and engineers to understand any aberrations. I also build new Python tools for pipeline processing, database storage, analysis, and visualization using NumPY, pandas, and MySQL.

My work on the ASSURE REU program focuses on coordinating and building connections with researchers in COFFIES. In addition, as the REU Community Builder and Administrative Assistant at SSL, I create new communication and community-building tools for ASSURE and COFFIES, allowing more interaction between both programs.