COFFIES Community Workshop - Tachocline

COFFIES Theme Workshop on the Tachocline

The COFFIES DRIVE Science Center is pleased to announce our first science-theme oriented virtual workshops on the first three Fridays of October. We aim to understand the solar cycle as the Consequence of Fields and Flows in the Interior and Exterior of the Sun (COFFIES). We welcome community participation in the discussions of science related to the Near-Surface Shear Layer (NSSL), the Tachocline, and Flux Transport & Emergence (FT&E). Zoom meetings will begin at 9 am PT on October 7, 14, and 21. Each session will review current understanding and provide time for brief contributed presentations.

The Tachocline is the thin layer of rotational shear at the bottom of the convection zone that potentially holds the key to understanding the solar dynamo process. Yet, the dynamical origin of the tachocline as well as its role in the generation, storage and transport of magnetic fields are still under debate. We plan to review state of the art observations, theoretical, and numerical models describing and explaining the properties of the tachocline.

We encourage participation with short contributions discussing new results and ideas, for observations and models, that may lead to a comprehensive view of the tachocline and its relevance for the solar dynamo.

Please send contributions to the Tachocline Theme Baristas: Nic Brummell and Gustavo Guerrero.

Workshop Agenda

Time (PT) Topic
08:45 Introduction & Goals
Nic Brummell (UCSC) & Gustavo Guerrero (FUMG/NJIT)
09:00 Invited Talk
Stellar magnetism
Ansgar Reiners (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
09:45 Discussion
09:55 BREAK
10:00 Invited Talk
Tachocline observations
Charles Baldner (Stanford)
10:45 Discussion
10:55 BREAK
11:00 Invited Talk
Tachocline instabilities [Hover for abstract]
Peter Gilman (UCAR)
11:45 Discussion
13:00 Invited Talk
Fundamentals of Dynamos in Strongly Stratified Turbulence
Valentin Skoutnev (Princeton)
13:30 Discussion
13:40 BREAK
13:45 Invited Talk
Confinement of the Solar Tachocline by Dynamo Action in the Radiative Interior [Hover for abstract; Click for relevant paper]
Loren Matilsky (UCSC)
14:15 Discussion
14:25 BREAK
14:30 General Discussion
15:30 Adjourn
The Tachocline Theme Baristas would like to thank the invited speakers, as well as all the workshop attendees for their participation.